Breakthroughs!  Realize Optimization & Growth

Our Breakthroughs! program creates groups of business owners and CEOs with similar business affinity. Manufacturers, wholesale, distribution and importers will discover business breakthroughs in these small intimate groups of small business owners and executives. To participate in a group your business should have a minimum of $2M annual revenue.*

Working with our industry advisors, you will discover techniques that help reduce costs and improve sales and profitability. The non-competing Breakthroughs! group members will share lessons learned and identify opportunities for improvement.

* Exceptions to this requirement will be made if participation is deemed to have high value for the prospective business and for other group members.

It's time to discover breakthroughs for your business!

The Breakthroughs! program aligns with the mission of the Small Manufacturers Institute established in 1994 and located in Southern California is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We are working on strategy and services development with the SMI which has a mission of: “The SMI will increase profitability and productivity for California’s small manufacturing community.

Breakthroughs!  Opportunities & Value Realization

The Breakthroughs! program creates valuable results for your business with its five main pillars:

  • Realize best practices of business operations with our innovative Business Maturity Model
  • Identify opportunities, challenges and solutions with our Breakthroughs! methodologies
  • Create clear strategic mapping from current state to future state and peer group reviews
  • Collaborate with other CEOs to learn from their experiences, realize solutions and accelerate results
  • Continuous learning and improvement with Members-Only Webinars and our CEO Communication Hub

Breakthroughs!  Program Structure

During this multi-month program, you will participate in various individually held meetings.* Then you will experience peer collaboration in several group meetings at a convenient location where you will be able to share your thoughts with others in your industry sector and brainstorm opportunities. At two of the group meetings there will be guest speakers that are CEOs or owners of businesses that have experienced well-managed growth and are operating at multiples of your business revenue.

*Information related to your business will be held in strict confidentiality. Our strategic advisors sign and abide by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

Discovery, Investigate & Breakthrough Meetings

With our business advisors you will participate in individually held meetings for Discovery, Investigation and Breakthrough opportunities. We will gather information to help identify opportunities and to populate our proprietary and confidential Business Evolution & Maturity Model.

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Business Evolution & Maturity Model

With findings and data points from the Opportunity Meetings we will compile information that comprise 14 key performance indicators to measure your business compared to others in your Breakthroughs! group and other groups. Our proprietary Business Evolution & Maturity Model will help you understand more about the improvement opportunities and how to implement change.

Group Meetings

The purpose of the Group Meetings is to provide a forum for business owners and CEOs to discuss methods and techniques. We'll share successes and challenges to get input and feedback from group members. You will have the opportunity to build trust and long lasting alliances with other group members.

Deliverables include de-identified group data, findings, opportunities and recommendations

Findings Aggregation & Final Report

Another valuable deliverable that you will receive as a Breakthroughs! group member is a report of your group's aggregate findings and information. You will receive a final report with findings and recommendations from your Breakthrough Meetings and results of your Business Evolution & Maturity Model compared with other businesses.

Progress Monitoring & Continued Learning

After your Breakthroughs! group program concludes you will continue to benefit from review meetings and participate in members-only webinars that will feature different topics each month to help optimize your business operations.

2 meetings Progress Check-Up
1 per month Optimization Webinars

Breakthroughs! A Manufacturing Group in Ventura County is Forming Now

The group is limited to 8 members in a similar business sector.
There are no business competitors in each group.
To learn more about the program format and enrollment investment contact
Israel Rodriguez, our Director of Business Advisory Services at: