Integrated RFID Software for QuickBooks

Over the past decade, larger companies like Walmart, Ford Motor Company and even the U.S. Military have completely transformed their operations by using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, resulting in much lower operating costs and greater operating efficiency. These enterprise organizations invested millions of dollars to gain efficiency and financial benefits that enhanced inventory management provides. Even for a midsize business, the starting cost of RFID software and antenna equipment implementation has been more than $200,000.

The Optivity Group now makes it possible to offer these same benefits realized by large organizations at a small fraction of the cost for businesses that use QuickBooks. The benefits of RFID are substantial and it can transform your business!

Advanced RFID Software for QuickBooks​ provides Real-Time Inventory Management

As businesses grow, the need for optimized control systems is required to properly manage inventory, assets and production systems. PasTrak is the only RFID software that is fully integrated with your QuickBooks accounting system.

This easy to use, fully configurable package seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks so no custom solutions or expensive accounting system upgrades are required.


Keep track of inventory in real time Automated tracking with perpetual live counts by location or station.

Real time accounting Accounting actions can be automated based on inventory movement.

Example: An assembly build, for instance, can be automatically recorded every time the system sees a new unit coming off the production floor. This kind of accounting automation saves valuable time and resources while improving accuracy of stock keeping data.

Efficiency & Productivity

Sales &

Inventory Requirements


PasTrak for QuickBooks now makes these capabilities affordable and designed for small to medium sized businesses.

This QuickBooks add-on software installs quickly and has many features to support nearly all work-flow needs.

Valuable Inventory Management Features

Inventory Management Features

RFID Inventory

with Advanced

Pro, Premier,

Serial numbers or lot numbers

Multiple inventory locations

Build Assemblies from Bill of Materials

Disassemble Assemblies from Bill of Materials

Modify Assemblies

Supports EPC Gen2 RFID tags for tracking

Real time inventory counts

Real time location tracking

Real time production tracking

Automated process documentation support

Unlimited notes and file attachments for tracked parts

Automated activity logging with location, time, activity & user

Accounting automation support for tracked parts

    - Build Assemblies

    - Invoices

    - Packing Slips

    - Item Receipts

Intermingle tracked and untracked parts on transactions

Shipment verification using Packing Slips or Invoices

Search by dates, activity, user, serial number, location, item type

RFID equipment plugs into existing data network via Ethernet cable

Learn How RFID Can Help Your Business